Life of the Worlds is a blog about Nature and Ocean conservation, diving, travelling, photograpghy, adventure to name but a few.

The idea is to share information and raise awareness on today society issues and create a frame of reflection which will hopefully have a positive impact.

Welcome to you all on the blog and thank you for your visit and your contribution. Feel free to add your comments and ideas in the comments section below the posts. I hope you will find some of the information on the blog usefull and informative. 


Born and raised in the south of France, I graduated from English and American literature in Toulouse University. After completing my Master’s Degree in English Linguistics, I went to live in England for 1 year which turned into 10 years! During these 10 years living in England, I worked as a French teacher for a few years before taking a break and working in tourism and eventually packpacking around Australia for a year. There I took on all sorts of interesting jobs such as working in a call center in Sydney, working as a cook in a Road House in the middle of nowhere in the outback near Darwin, participating to the construction of a road by doing some “twig picking”, doing some water drilling and finally door-to-door selling green energy in Melbourne. These were very happy days indeed, travelling around lush countryside and meeting uncommonly interesting people of all walks of life. I then came back to the “real” life in London where I started working in IT customer services and eventually worked as an account manager for a few years. In 2011, I decided to leave London to work in contact with Nature which is my main life aspiration. I then moved to Mexico where I became a diving instructor. I happily worked as an instructor for a couple of years untill 2013 when I ruptured my ankle ligaments which sent me back to France to get treatment. I then moved to Switzerland where I decided to listen to people’s advice and set up as a photographer after completing a professional photography course. I have since been a professional photographer. 

For those who are interested, you can take a peek at my landscape photography website: www.angelinacecchetto.com 

All these different life experiences and passions make up this blog and I truly hope that some of the information gathered will help some people in their daily life and contribute to raise awareness about some pressing issues such as Nature conservation and the improvement of animal welfare. 

Happy readings! 




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