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  1. Hi,

    My name is Tom Murphy and I work with Nature’s Water, providers of water treatment systems throughout Ireland. I like to create useful, practical content with a water-related theme and that’s why we’ve produced this infographic: containing eye-opening facts about water usage at home, along with simple tips on how to conserve domestic water use.
    Typically, people shower once a day, a necessary hygienic activity but it’s one that uses on average five gallons of water a minute. A standard shower would likely last for around five minutes, meaning that we’ve poured 25 gallons of water on ourselves before we even go near the sink to wash our hands, brush our teeth or shave. The latter activities can also see gallons of water going to waste if taps are left running, so only run the water for a few seconds beforehand. While many of us fritter away water so mindlessly, millions of people in Third World countries are deprived of this precious resource. It’s mind-boggling and unacceptable.
    From looking at your website, I think the infographic would be of interest to your readers and would encourage them to rethink the ways in which they use water at home. If you decide to feature it, that would be brilliant; all I ask that you kindly credit my website using this URL
    If you need a unique introduction to go with the content, please let me know and I can arrange same. Any other feedback you may have is greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,

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