Nature vs “Civilization”, do we have to choose?


Photography: ©2013 Angelina Cecchetto All Rights Reserved.

Photography: ©2013 Angelina Cecchetto. All Rights Reserved.

Nature versus culture or “civilization” could be a philosophical topic for many philosophy students. For me it is a question that sits at the core of my life decisions, choices and directions. Some people may call this dichotomy or life dilemma. I call it simply having options.

When I made some 360 degrees life and career changes going from capital city life to natural heavens the people closest to me at the time thought I was mad because this implied major salary cuts. It so happened that a few years later I happened to have tripled the salary I had prior to change, so somehow something about the “crazy” life and career changes I had done was right.

We all have the choice to live different lives and in different countries but many people are scared of the unknown and because of this they keep living a life that doesn’t necessarily fulfill their needs. They keep living it for the sake of what I would call “fitting expectations” may these expectations be family, economically or socially based. From what I have seen, generally people who do that end up banging their heads against the walls sooner or later.

I truly believe that change can make us better and more adaptable so people shouldn’t be scared by complete changeovers. The important is to believe in yourself, do what is most important for you and think outside the “mainstream box” that society tries to mold us into.

Some people are lucky enough to know what they want to do from a young age but for all the others I would say that if you are lucky enough to be “gifted” for several things, then go ahead and try them all out and eventually you will find what you are really made for. It is never too late to give a chance to a passion. This may require drastic changes from city life to nature life and a few “adjustments” but I believe this transition is achievable by most of us. The important is finding a healthy life balance and being in phase with what we like to do or what we are passionate about. Follow your dreams! If you slightly went “off-pist” doing so, well I am sure you would have learned some very good life lessons in the process. Don’t be afraid of getting lost, as you may well find that it is by getting lost that you find your way.

By Angelina Cecchetto on 30th January 2013


4 thoughts on “Nature vs “Civilization”, do we have to choose?

  1. I agree with you, Angelina.
    I’m just tempted to add that learning to listen to your inner voice isn’t always as easy as it seems.
    But it can greatly help you change your life for the better.

  2. Angie,
    I really like your article and your way of seeing things in life, I think it is very inspiring and to me it brings an enormous sense of freedom, which makes me feel well and balanced, calm and very very happy! 🙂 This feeling that when you have a passion, when you get hooked to something you love, you cannot let go of it anymore… you can change everything in life, except for your passion! “A guy can change anything. His face, his home, his family, his girlfriend, his religion, his God. But there’s one thing he can’t change. He can’t change his passion…” (I have to say I got inspired by an argentinean movie I saw yesterday, which I loved and recommend – “The secret in their eyes” is the name of the movie).
    So when you have a passion, you are in trouble, because you have to go for it and fight for it! Then, the sky is the limit… nothing can stop you!
    I have to say that for me, the difficult part is not learning to listen to my inner voice… I think I am already an expert on that 🙂 For me the hard part is to cut the ropes and actually make the move and risk everything… Not because I am afraid of doing it in the short run (I am actually dying to do it and would leave tomorrow to a tropical country near nature); it is the fear of the consequences that this change in life may bring in the long run that scares me the most.. However, I think I am also getting better at that too 🙂 We will see…

    • Rita, many thanks for your reply, it’s great feedback. The idea beyond this blog is for people to exchange and help each other so if what I wrote helped you even just a little bit then I am very happy! Thanks for the movie tip, I have just read the story line and it seems amazing!
      Passion is what should light our way, unfortunately we are “conditioned” by a social framework that promotes material comfort more than inspiration somehow and I think the difficult thing is to detach oneself from this conditioning to follow our own way. It takes great strength and courage to do so sometimes but the rewards can be proportionate to the “risks” taken. I would say that changing lifestyle is not difficult at all, what can be tricky is to do it in a way that benefits oneself on several levels and that eventually benefits people around us. If we are true to ourselves and work towards our passions then the results can only be positive 🙂

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